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Use EDGE modem in Ubuntu

Ubuntu & Edge Modem
Hello & welcome to our blog again. Now a days Linux Operating System most popular in our country. It's good to all. Other wise Linux is one of the most secure Operating System. Well, we need Back to main theme Especially welcome those who like Linux as like of Ubuntu. It’s is really true that present time many of PC user use Ubuntu. In this situation many of operator browse internet just like of GPRS or EDGE Modem. You can configure GPRS or EDGE Modem in your Open Source Software (OSS) Linux. Use DOS command in Ubuntu to solve all problem. It is really easy & few step to complete properly. Also you know that my previous post is similar to this post. Which is how to browse internet using modem (only for Linux-Ubuntu)?

  • First of all connect phone in computer with a data cable.
  • Now go to Ubuntu Terminal & Wright this command
“sudo wvdialconf/etc/wvdial.conf”
When you hit this wvdial.conf” command, Ubuntu create a configuration file automatically. And it will be save “etc” folder into the file system. 
  • You may approve to change obtain, when you can entered into System Properties using “sudo nautilus” command prompot.
A Sample Configuration File is Shown Below:
  • Wright those line into the file which is shown below table
Init3=AT+CGDCONT=1,”IP”,”access point”.
The following will be the same as below. Here is which organization's Internet being use, those access point set into the access point address. Like, If it is Grameenphone set ‘gpinternet’ or it is Banglalink set ‘blweb’. 
  • In this file set *99***1# into the Phone Number. 
  • Give Username & Password, which is your computer default Username & Password.
Example Configuration:
[Dialer Defaults]
Init1 = AT&F
Init2 = AT E0 V1 &D2 &C1 &S0 S0=0 +dr=1
Init3 = AT+IFC=2,2;+CVHU=1
Init4 = ATS7=60+DS=3,0;&K3
Init5 = AT+CGDCONT=1,IP,"gpinternet"
Init6 = ATS0=0
Modem Type = USB Modem
Baud = 460800
New PPPD=yes
Stupid Mode = 1
Note: Use password & username which is set you into your computer.

To disconnect press Ctrl+C.

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