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Protect Your Folder With Password.

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Well this is all ready have idea which type of content in this post. Yes, welcome back again in our Technology Blog. In this post we know all about How to protect your Computer Folder. There are number of way to make secure your folder. We will trying to publishing all way to help you. This is very important to all person who use a sharing computer. When access one PC many of user. Hear is a problem to unwanted access to any other personal folder. For security reasons, they create multiple account, which those your PC goes to damage very few days. Hear is a option to Keep safe your PC using Safe Mode.

Before start, we tell something about this post. I am working on a Travels Agency. This is true that, when you job a company there have many have pc. All pc have access number of person. Few days ago I am facing a big proble. Which is, In a Sharing Network PC I store a Passpost Folder. In this folder have thousand of PAX passport details. In the next time, when it need to me again. I found those File, But I didn’t found those file. This is really wrong in my life, which is suffer next time. All gose for my life specially my carrier with a Unrespactable person. Then I am searching and searching, how to protect my file an unwanted access. When I found I told my Boss. To select own password protect folder, because one person do not access another person's folder.

Use EDGE modem in Ubuntu

Ubuntu & Edge Modem
Hello & welcome to our blog again. Now a days Linux Operating System most popular in our country. It's good to all. Other wise Linux is one of the most secure Operating System. Well, we need Back to main theme Especially welcome those who like Linux as like of Ubuntu. It’s is really true that present time many of PC user use Ubuntu. In this situation many of operator browse internet just like of GPRS or EDGE Modem. You can configure GPRS or EDGE Modem in your Open Source Software (OSS) Linux. Use DOS command in Ubuntu to solve all problem. It is really easy & few step to complete properly. Also you know that my previous post is similar to this post. Which is how to browse internet using modem (only for Linux-Ubuntu)?

Bluetooth Remote Controller

Bluetooth Remote Controller

Use Bluetooth as Like of Remote Controller
Bluetooth Remote Controller is a software, which is run by your pc & phone. Just using a Bluetooth enable handset you can control your computer. Just like a TV Remote controller. Phone Remote Control turns your Bluetooth enabled mobile phone into a universal controller for Window. See your Power Point slides directly in the phone; browse/play the songs in ITune and Media player and much more...

Phone Remote Control is a true universal remote control. It allows the user to modify the current behavior as well as add support for new applications. You can add support by writing Java or VB scripts, defining key maps and file actions. With key maps the user can very easy and fast define application actions and link them to any buttons on the mobile phone

If you have a Bluetooth enable handset, you can use this as a Remote Controller in your computer. It’s not bad, when you do it. I like blogging, and I want to continue it in my all life. I am a crazy boy of computer. I stay my most time in computer at a day. When I found it, really I am impressed. I stroll in my room and I am control my pc just a handset. It’s really amazing. Now and this post I tell my guys, how to control your computer just use your Bluetooth enable handset. Do this; you need to software, which name is BluetoothRemoteControl.exe. First of all install this software. How can you install it? Where can you found it Copyright Version? Where can you download it? Details can be found under below this post.

How to remove recycle bin from desktop?

Ok, I was looking around and didn’t see this so if this is already in here somewhere just deletes it. This will simply tell you how you can easily remove your Recycle Bin.

In the following tutorial, I cover how to remove the Recycle Bin Icon from your Windows XP Desktop? One reason you may want to get rid of the Recycle Bin Icon.

Especially which file we were delete, that putted on the Recycle Bin and Recycle Bin stand on the Desktop. Are you know, it’s not too good on Computer for Recycle Bin.

Call Phone Using i-Tel Mobile Dialer

Mobile Phone is one of the most common ways to communication in the world. Using this you can call anywhere any time, also cheaper from call to phone. Using Third Party Software, you can call fewer prices. With same way, cheaper rate of VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) call technology is so popular in world. Using VOIP Technology, you can call anywhere in the world with fewer cost. Is it country or abroad? Bangladeshi Software Organization “REVE Systemswere Adjustment in the Mobile Phone & VOIP system. They can create a Software that was called

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