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Create a network in facebook

Facebook is one of the best and popular platforms of social networking. Facebook change our social mentality. We can manage our communication just using this platform. This is a popular name of internet world. It’s not making only communication, but also makes friendship, any types of relation or gets a good job & many more. In this time we can not moving without Facebook. Keep our relation & communication, Facebook has own Network. This is Facebook Network. Any kind of friend-group or Corporate Office or School, college, University or a Commercial Bank or IT Institute, to keep there communication, they can create a Facebook Network using Facebook. Facebook means a huge number of friends & friendship fare. To grow Friends, Facebook has an Educational Network. Use this network, all student communicate there educational network at a time. If you don’t have an educational network or any kind of network, you can create a network.

Note that in order to join a network, you need to be able to send and

In Ubunto Browse Internet Using Modem

Open Source Software Linux Operating System popularity in people very greatly. It's comes to our hand just few days, But it will take our mind very quickly. It's a batter think & batter positive way. Ubuntu is one of the best version in Linux. Is not same to Windows XP using internet modem as ubuntu. In this version you can browse internet just using internet modem. If you like this, first you can known “Username, Password, Domain Name Server (DNS)” address. Just Contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP), (who supply you internet connection) to know all option.

Then follow the next step:

1. First go System>Administration>Network.
2. Now press “Unlock” & give your Password. 
3. Now select a “Connection tab.”
4. Then Select your Modem connection or Point to Point (P2P) connection & press “Properties.”
5. Now give your necessary information in all tabs and click OK to save your all information and select DNS tab.
6. Now give your DNS address, which is collect by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and then close.

Speak IT Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is one of the best web browser in the internet world. I think most of the user use Mozilla Firefox in the default web browser. Mozilla is the best, because it’s interface. Mostly looking like its interface & variable user system. In the Mozilla Firefox browsing internet is easier. I like Mozilla Firefox. I think you also browsing internet world just using Mozilla Firefox. If not, I suggest you do it. To Download Mozilla Firefox Visit

In using Mozilla Firefox in the internet it’s tell our browser text, how looking it is? Especially not bad. These add-ons are same to Microsoft Windows Text to Speech (TTS) Converter. Using this add-ons you can hear any browser text just one click. Now I will tell you this add-ons name.

Force Operating System to work Safe Mode

Windows is the one of the most operating system in the world at this time. In Windows XP operating system you can work to it safe mode. That mean some one trying her/his Computer start Safe Booting. It’s very nice system. This post you will know how to use safe mode in Windows Operating System (WOS)

All or Some windows operating user also to know that, when windows starts in safe mode. It will load some Driver & Application. Because it’s less & remove to work system crash. Specially user can use it to risk free in virus or work to other Driver properly continue when Windows starts.

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