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Most Useful Search Engine In The World

I need Information. Who get me this information? If i through a question about this post title. Everyone answers that the information you want, Search Engine give you all information correctly. It's 100% sure that when you or someone find a information he addicted to a Search Engine. You don't reject that when you visit a site, you need to know some information about this site. It's absolutely true that Search Engine gives you information correctly. So we are stoutly tell that Search Engine is great method to find more information about your query keyword. In the Internet world there are many Search Engine site build. But all Search Engine not show batter view your information. So lets have a time to see some top Search Engine site. There are listed to some Search Engine site below.

How to Find Windows XP Hidden Files

Answer: Via Search you can find your Windows XP system files, Hidden files. Although the various drives on your Computer and can't find the file. If you wish to find your Windows XP System file or Hidden file. 
The following steps you need to be tracked and followed.
  • First go to Starts>Search>All Files or Folders. Or go to My Computer>Select "Search" in Standard Buttons>All files and folders.
Search Menu
  • Than go to More advanced option.
  • Than find to your System File and Hidden Files, mark the check-boxes in Search system folders and Search hidden files and folders.
Search Setting
At last click Search or Enter and get your Hidden files by "Search System"

How to Stop Windows Delete Confirmation Message?

Answer: To stop windows delete confirmation message, just follow under this post. It's easy to stop windows delete confirmation message.

Windows ব্যবহারকারীরা যতবারই কোনো File বা Folder Delete করতে চান না কেন, Computer থেকে ততবারই একটি Box এসে হাজির হয় উইন্ডোতে। সেখানে লেখা থাকে "Are you sure you want to delete "File Name"?.

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